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Labour Market Data

The analysis, forecasting and research team of the Labour Market division of the Federal Ministry makes available current labour market information and labour market databases.

Labour Market Databases

The BALI Online Database Search System

The BALI online database search system (information on the budget, the labour market and the receipt of benefits) essentially contains the opportunity to combine the data published by the Federation of Social Insurance Institutions on employment with that of the Public Employment Service (AMS) on unemployment.

It also provides data on self-employment according to the AMS Data Warehouse as well as unemployment rates according to EUROSTAT and the population statistics of Statistics Austria.

The data is partially available as tables in standard formats, but above all, it can be searched freely and is also available as time series. BALI is maintained by the APF Team of Division III, Labour Market, of the Ministry of Labour.

The ELIS Information System

The ELIS information system (Economic and Labour Market Information System) provides ready-made tables on the current labour market and economic situations, overviews of the development of benefit claims and the finances of the unemployment insurance system, as well as key labour market policy figures and a separate collection of data on the field of foreign citizens in the Austrian labour market.

ELIS is updated on an ongoing basis depending on the availability of the underlying data. Those tables, which contain the current month’s employment data (in the categories of General Labour Market Data, Youth, Older People, and Foreign Citizens), are updated when the final employment data of the Federation of Social Insurance Institutions on employment is available (usually around the 20th of the following month).

Labour Market Data of the Public Employment Service

The Public Employment Service (AMS) publishes current labour market data and information about the labour market.

Last update: 8 November 2019