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Generalsekretärin Mag. Eva Landrichtinger
Secretary General Eva Landrichtinger photo: Enzo Holey

Mag. Eva Landrichtinger 

Secretary-General of the Federal Ministry of Labour






Contact Details

Eva Landrichtinger was born on 9 September 1992 in Linz.

After finishing High School in Linz in 2010, she studied law at the University of Vienna.

She worked as an advisor on labour and social policy related issues in the cabinets of Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Harald Mahrer and Federal Minister Gernot Blümel. In 2019, she was an advisor in Federal Chancellor Kurz’ cabinet and an advisor for all matters regarding coordination in the cabinet of Federal Minister Alexander Schallenberg.

Since 2020, Eva Landrichtinger is Head of Cabinet at the Federal Ministry of Labour, Family and Youth, which has become the Federal Ministry of Labour on 1 February 2021.

With the restructuring of the Ministry of Labour on 1 February 2021, Eva Landrichtinger has also been appointed Secretary-General.


  • Handling of all ressort related matters, especially tasks concerning the strategic planning and controlling of the Federal Ministry
  • Direct superior to all Director Generals